Summer of Fun!!!

To celebrate the 200th go-round of the Upgrade podcast, hosts Myke Hurley and Jason Snell dubbed the episode the Summer of Fun. And what better to accompany a Fun Summer than surf music?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

And that was my assignment. Take the original Upgrade theme I composed a couple of years ago and run it through the Big Wave Machine. I did, and it sounds like this:

Liner notes:

As usual, I worked in Apple's Logic Pro X. For the most part, Logic had everything I needed. Its Beatnik Guitar provided the lead (with some very surfy Tremolo and SilverVerb added along with a pitch wheel for the whammy bar opening), Session Bass filled out the bottom end, and Amped Synth Lead and Dirty Rotor Guitar served for the rhythm guitar tracks.

I'd hoped to use one of Logic's Drummer tracks, but regrettably the app doesn't have a Moondoggie among it's passel of drummers. So, off to the Internet I went, searched for a surf beat MIDI track (thanks to the anonymous soul who created the thing), and applied Logic's SoCal drum kit to it.

Hang 10 and enjoy!