Hey look, I have a blog

I know, I know. Now!? 

Unbelievably. Lame. 

But here’s the thing.

After missing out on the Great Blog Birthing of the Early Aughts I was embarrassed enough at coming late to the party that I figured I’d just give it a pass—at least until such time that blogs came around again in a non-ironic way.

Like flannel shirts.

And it just happens that I slipped on an old flannel shirt the other day, ventured out of the house, and not a single person pointed and made a Kurt Cobain joke (at least not within my hearing). As it doesn’t take much for me to sense a divine kick-in-the-pants, now seemed to be the time.

And here we are. 

So, the point:

I have two major trades in life—writing and music making. I am paid to do the former by the lovely people at IDG (specifically, I clack out the majority of my tech-related thoughts for Macworld.com). As they’re paying for those thoughts it would be, at best, inconsiderate of me to do that sort of thing here. So I won’t.

I may pipe up about some ancillary issues (see the #prdonewrong post below), but only if it involves a lot of swearing or is the kind of thing that would invoke an “Uh, Chris, save this one for the blog” from one of my many clear-thinking editors.

What? Oh yes. There may be swearing. But only when a better word or description won’t do.

As for music making, it’s something I’ve done since the age of four in both professional and not-so capacities. I have Views on the subject as well as a lot of band stories for which the statute of limitations has expired. I intend to tell some of them when I have the time. And when there’s something I think you might like to hear (and I feel like giving it away), I’ll put it in the Music section. Currently there’s a tune in there from an unfinished album as well as some videos of my band, System 9, performing some tunes I wrote. (And yes, I know I’m a shitty singer.)

(See? Swearing.)