The Incomparable Christmas Special

The Incomparable Project

Audio files to accompany the Incomparable Project

Bits and pieces

Dribs and drags of music from here and there

This is "Mazurka," the first cut of an album I never released. I'll eventually tell the story of how the album came about and why it never saw the light of day. 

Ambient music using loops of different lengths.

Vintage D 

A place for documenting the settings I've tried with the Galaxy Vintage D virtual piano

The song "Claire" using the default settings for the Galaxy Vintage D virtual piano.

This is a tweaked setting I use with the Vintage D that I like for solo piano.


Keyscape test

Podcast themes

Some of the podcast themes I've composed and performed.

The opening and closing music for TechHive's Clockwise podcast.

This is the theme from The Incomparable's spinoff D&D podcast, Total Party Kill.

For Scott McNulty's Random Trek.

From Relay FM's Upgrade podcast with Myke Hurley and Jason Snell.

From The Rebound podcast with Dan Moren, John Moltz, and Lex Friedman.

Philip Michaels returns with the Incomparable network's resurrection of the Pundit Showdown. Always good for a laugh.

Stephen Hackett and Jason Snell's podcast about all things space, Liftoff.

A toe-tapping, familiar-sounding spy theme for David Sparks and Jason Snell's Free Agents podcast.

Yet another Snell production, this one is for the Download podcast.

This Week in Time Travel is a Dr. Who-centric podcast hosted by Chip Sudderth and Alyssa Franke.

Friends in Your Ears is a podcast where Kathy Campbell interviews podcasters about their favorite podcasts.

The first variation of the Broadway Noir theme for The Incomparable Radio Theater's "Away We Go" episode.

The second variation of the Broadway Noir theme for The Incomparable Radio Theater's "Away We Go" episode. This one appears in the episode.

The upgraded Summer theme to the Upgrade podcast.

System 9 Videos

A collection of original tunes performed by my band, System 9.

Violent Man

This one was written for our sound man, Tim (who produced these videos). Lovely man, but in the early days of his career he was known to commit acts of subtle violence against those who did us wrong. 

Sweet Margarita

Kind of a Steely Dan sort of thing that we use to open our shows. Easy to get a groove going and lets us stretch out and relax in anticipation of the upcoming set.


Country Tune

One of the sweetest nuclear-annihilation-themed tunes you're likely to hear

Rosa Lee

Originally written in Hawaii on a mountain dulcimer, I always had dreams of the Everly Brothers covering this one. 


We'll Get Through

A starving musician song.